The favourite part of children and adults is discovery dive.

The purpose of discovery dive is to initiate the prospect divers to the underwater world.

This way everybody can take the flavour of scuba diving and decide to follow this hobby.

The Discovery Dive package includes foto and video.



This is the level were students learn all the necessary theory and practive to be able to dive safely.  

Training takes place under the highest security standards under ANDI specifications.

OWD certifies the diver to be able to dive in any site on the planet if scuba dive is allowed up to 18 meters depth.


In this certification the student is required to complete a course of 5 specialties in purpose to raise the diving level of the student to be able to participate in dives where conditions could be harder. i.e night dives, muddy waters and deep dives.

These five specialties are deep dives, night dives, compass use underwater, shipwreck diving, search and retrieve of items, underwater photography and underwater scooter diver as well as cave diving. This certification certifies the scuba divers for dives up to 30 meters deep.


This is the certification where the experienced diver is trained on subjects related to rescue and medical  assistance of another diver or swimmer.

Rescue Divers know all the aspects that a life guard knows. The purpose of this certification is to offer the diver with the highest standards of training to be able to take over but mostly potect from difficult situations.

This is the latest step from amateur to professional certifications of divemaster and instructor.

Emergency First Aid


E.F.R. is the new course of PADI. In reality is an improved and modernised course of first aid. Included first aid schedule that helps in any incident that could happen in everyday life. Its very important and often life-saving to have someone trained in difficult situation (disaster, accident drawn etc). The most important is to be able to save and help a human who is hurt or had a stroke or heart attack or could be choken while eating.

Think how bad you would feel if you see a fellow human in danger and you simply looking at him thinking there is nothing you can do and think how would you feel if you had the knowledge and the ability to save a human life, to most valuable in the world.

The most important of all is that E.F.R is for any person and any age, you dont need to be a lifeguard or a diver to follow the course. The student will learn everything about emergencies to be confident in  any situation no matter how hard it is.

The training course is the same with training given to rescuers from rescue teams, lifeguards, rescue divers, special forces of army and fire department. Ofcourse all the above are certified by PADI degree, one of the  greatest organizations.

Dive Master



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