We own seven 4x4 jeep cars, with which we organize discovery excursions in different points of Evros region. The first route is in the coastal zone from Alexandroupolis to Maronia, during which we can visit three different archaeological destinations, in Ancient Mesimvria and ancient theatre of maronia .

And we can end our excursion in the port of Maroneia, where we can have lunch in one of the many fish taverns in the area. Duration of the trip along with the visits to the archaeological sites is 4-5 hours without the duration of the lunch. We offer water, soft drinks and snacks.


Route to the Evros Delta

The ecosystem of the Evros delta is located at the estuary of the river Evros. It is a wetland belonging to the Natura regions, which are places, where human intervention is not allowed. After seeing the whole place from inside the cars we will have the chance to sail with the special boats and get a closer look to thousands of water birds like Flamingo, ducks, geese, herons and more. We offer free water, soft drinks and snacks.


Price per person 40 euro meals are not included but we can organize it.


Route to Kirki

Kirkis is a mountainous village of Alexandroupolis where during the German occupation there was a mining quarry of brimstone αaccording to official documents, but there are rumors that gold was being mined. Very interesting route that can end up in a traditional tavern with perfect food. The duration of this route is about three hours. Soft drinks, water and snacks are also available.


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